Demonstration Arena

Act Start Finish
Reach Arts 6:00 6:30
The Cassidy School of Irish Dance 5:30 6:00
Colne Valley Black Belt Academy 5:00 5:30
Team Hanson Community Kickboxing 4:30 5:00
Fidget Feet 4:00 4:30
MSA Thai Boxing 3:30 4:00
Dance Emporium 2:30 3:00
Babes in the Wood 2:00 2:30
A2D Cheerleaders 1:30 2:00
All times may be subject to change.
All links are external to each acts own facebook page / group.

About the Demonstration Arena

The Demonstration Arena will be on the large central grassed area between the main Stage and The bandstand. The arena will be host to lots of acts and performances, there is plenty of room to relax while the performances take place.